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4 star rating

What we like

What we don't like

Key facts

  • One of the best designed P2P websites. Simple, beautiful and functional design
  • Returns available are still strong at a time when rates have been falling in European P2P due to excess investor demand
  • Operated by the Aventus Group, which has a long, profitable track record, and is growing strongly
  • Peerberry has recently started to add new lenders from outside the Aventus Group, which provides diversification opportunities
  • Funds can usually become invested within 48 hours of a deposit being made
  • Most loans are short term - less than 30 days. Investments can be converted into cash quickly if needed
  • All loans have a buyback guarantee. Loans are repurchased by the lenders, and principal and interest paid, if loans become more than 60 days overdue
  • Peerberry has been very successful signing up many new customers recently. This is great, but it has meant that it is taking a little longer for new deposits to become invested, and typical rates have fallen from 12 to 11% recently.
  • We would like to see better quality, more detailed information provided about the financial position of all lenders operating on Peerberry (this is something we are discussing with them currently)
  • Loan types - Mainly short term unsecured loans to individuals (although a secured lenders has just been added)
  • Autoinvest available? - Yes. In fact all loans are currently being allocated via autoinvest function (no loans available on the primary market)
  • Secondary market? - None
  • Is platform profitable? - No
  • Buyback guarantee on loans? - Yes (after 60 days)
  • Where are the loans originated? - Mainly Czech Republic and Poland, but loans are also available from Denmark, Ukraine & Lithuania
  • Where is site based? - Riga, Latvia

How does it work?

The Peerberry investment site is very simple to use. It has functionality that allows investors to either select individual loans on the primary market, or use an auto-invest tool. However, the site has become very popular in the last few months, which has meant that the primary market has had very limited availability. This means it is now necessary to use the auto-invest tool to receive a fast allocation of loans. We recently performed a test and found that a €5,000 deposit was fully deployed within 2-3 days by using the auto-invest tool. This is not as fast as earlier this year, but still acceptably quick.

The auto-invest has all the usual options found on other sites including country, loan term, interest rate, loan originator and so on. We recommend setting up the auto-invest tool to ensure that loans from mainly Czech Republic and Poland and purchased, and we currently prefer loans originated by the Aventus group lenders (Pujcka, Smart Pozycka and Pozycka Plus). As we get more information about the other lenders on the site we will update our views on this. 

Peerberry provides investors a weekly email that provides simple information about interest earned, principal received from investors, investments made, and cash held on their behalf. The site also has good reporting functionality, allowing investors to see all activity on their account within a chosen time period, and it can also generate tax statements. 


Our views on Peerberry

Peerberry operates an extremely simple and effective European P2P investment site. We have been monitoring it since it launched last year and have been pretty impressed with our experience to date. Peerberry has been growing very quickly, with lenders acquiring more than €4.5m of loans in July 2018, which represents almost 100% growth in just 3 months.

We recently interviewed the CEO of Peerberry (link here). We are not surprised by the success the growth and success that Peerberry has been experiencing over the last few months. They have successfully added new lenders to their platform, which has provided investors with additional investment opportunities. It has also been able to find loans with 12% interest rates. These returns are looking more and more attractive given that returns on the largest European P2P investment site, Mintos have been falling recently. We think typical rates are likely to be more like 11% in the coming few months on Peerberry, but we think this is still competitive given that the Aventus Group has a better financial profile than many of the lenders that are listed on the Mintos platform.

To visit Peerberry, click here.

Our legal page contains disclosures and the full terms and conditions of the use of the ExploreP2P site. 

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