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What we like

What we don't like

Key facts

  • Mintos has a huge number of lenders on the one platform, and the list continues to grow
  • The website has more features and performs better than any other P2P platform we have seen
  • The interest rates available are extremely attractive
  • Mintos has excellent customer service
  • The Mintos secondary market is extremely active
  • Large sums can be invested due to the strong flow of new loans each day
  • There is a diverse range of loan types and risk profiles
  • Currently #1 by volumes in Continental Europe
  • Mintos offers dedicated personal account managers (for larger investors)
  • Website offers multiple languages and currencies (including English)
  • Investment opportunities are heavily biased towards the baltics and Eastern Europe, which will not suit some investors
  • Mintos could improve its reporting on the status of recovery activities for defaulted loans
  • Some lenders are very small with a limited track record
  • Loan types - almost everything.... auto, mortgages, personal loans, invoice finance, business loans, agriculture finance
  • Collaterals - Some loans are backed by real estate or autos
  • Buyback guarantees? - Several issuers offer loans with buyback guarantees
  • Autobid available? - Yes
  • Secondary market? - Yes
  • Is platform profitable? - Small loss in 2016

How does it work?

Mintos is probably the most sophisticated P2P site in all of Europe (including the UK). No other site offers loans from as many lenders (more than 20). The majority of loans available to purchase are in euros, but other currencies are available (mainly central and eastern European). Once an account is opened and funded, investors can choose from over 100,000 loans available to purchase from the primary market (direct from lenders) or secondary market (from other investors). Mintos offers 14 different filters to help investors find the most suitable loans. Investors can choose how much of any individual loan they wish to purchase. Investors can select loans individually or alternatively make use of the excellent auto-invest tool.  See our recent post on using the auto-invest function effectively. Investors can place any loans they wish to sell on the secondary market, and choose the price they wish to sell. Since November 2017, there have been no fees for using the secondary market. See our recent post on how to find the best deals on the secondary market.

Our preferred lenders on the Mintos platform

The team at ExploreP2P have been investing their own funds on the Mintos platform for some time now. These are our favourite lenders on the Mintos platform currently:

  • Mogo - loans secured by cars. One of the largest lenders on the Mintos platform. Mogo offers loans that have a buyback guarantee with interest rates of around 12%. Most Mintos investors allocate some of their capital to Mogo loans for this reason
  • Credissimo - joined Mintos in March 2018. We like their very conservative balance sheet structure, their profitability, and award winning technology. Loans come with buyback guarantee and rates of around 11.5%
  • ID Finance - a lender that is extremely profitable, is well capitalised, and provides good quality and regular financial reporting. Typical rates are around 11%
  • Capital Service - medium term personal loans in Poland. Capital Service is a large lender and offers a buyback guarantee. Rates are around 12%
  • Banknote - personal loans in Latvia. Banknote is profitable, and has good quality reporting. It offers investors a return of around 12%, together with a buyback guarantee for loans that become more than 60 days overdue
  • Credit Star - a large and profitable lender operating in many countries. The company is very professional. They offer rates over 12% with buyback guarantees

Explore P2P continually monitors the financial performance of the lenders on the Mintos platform. For the latest analysis, financial summaries and our latest ratings, click  here

Conclusions on Mintos

Mintos is currently by far the largest European P2P site, and in our opinion, it is currently the best. The number of lenders appearing on Mintos grows almost every week. No other P2P investment platform in Europe currently offers investors the level of potential diversification by loan type, originator and geography. The main currency of the site is Euros although other local currencies are available. The website and customer support in English, German, Russian, Polish and several other languages which is impressive. The website offers a huge number of loan filters, which are useful both for selecting loans and also setting up very tailored autobid loan profiles. Daily emails are made available to investors that summarise all the various transactions that took place the prior day (interest earned, loan purchases and sales) etc. Mintos offers an online chat facility and customer service is excellent. We recently interviewed Mintos CEO and are impressed with his plans for the site. We do note, that there is a wide variety in the quality of lenders appearing on the site, and we recommend checking the background of each lender before allocating any capital to them due to this variation in quality. Out Mintos lender ratings were designed to help investors choose the highest quality lenders on the platform. The Mintos secondary market is huge, liquid and works well. Overall, for any investors seeking to make their first investments into European P2P, Mintos would be our recommended place to begin.

1% bonus offer for new Mintos investors

We think Mintos is one of the best platforms currently available for P2P investors. We can help to boost your returns even further. If you visit Mintos using this link, and open an account, Mintos will credit your account with an additional 1% on all funds invested within 3 months from opening an account. It’s a great offer and is only available using this special link.

Exchanging funds into Euros

There are a few considerations to make if you are based outside the Eurozone. The first and most obvious one is that your investment will be in Euros, and you will therefore have some exposure to future changes in FX rates. The benefit of doing this is that it creates better portfolio diversification and could result in extra returns if your home currency declines versus the Euro There are ways to hedge the currency risk quite easily if this is needed – the most common one being using FX spread bets. 

It is important to use a service that allows you to purchase and send Euros as cheaply as possible when sending funds to Mintos. We highly recommend services such as CurrencyFair or Transferwise for this purpose. Their services are extremely simple, and funds will often reach Mintos on the same day that it leaves your bank account. There are no transaction fees, and rates are significantly better than offered by banks (typically 2-3% better).

Currency Fair is currently offering investors a special offer. Investors receive a €30 sign up bonus, and fee-free transaction. Rates are very attractive – typically just 0.5% from the mid-market rate. Funds can be transferred extremely quickly around the world. 

To qualify, simply use the following link 

Click on the ‘get started now’ button, register as a customer, and make a transfer of €1,000 (or equivalent). 


Our legal page contains disclosures and the full terms and conditions of the use of the ExploreP2P site. 

8 thoughts on “Mintos review

  1. Sebastião Reply

    I would also like to know when did you write this Mintos review since there are no dates in the posts.

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Hi Sebastiao – we update this page regularly, and provide the date of the last update at the top of the page. We have seen the page you have provided a link to, and don’t believe the matters raised are founded. We believe that Mintos is an excellent platform, but there are some lower quality lenders on the platform that should be avoided.

  2. Ken Reply


    I’m actually looking into Finbee and NeoFinance for my next platform after already having Mintos in my portfolio.
    As you don’t have a specific review about those yet (specific reason why you don’t have Finbee listed yet?), could you share your personal opinion/insights about NeoFinance please?

    I’ve just started my blog and have invested in 6 platforms at the moment… but I’d like to keep track each months progress.
    Glad to see fellow bloggers building the P2P Blog.

    Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Hi Ken. We have actually just added NeoFinance to our comparison tables and offers pages (there is a 40 euro welcome bonus). We have had a few investors ask us about Finbee recently but we have not yet spoken to the company and performed any background analysis. We will do that shortly. Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. Tero Reply

    This is indeed an excellent platform for P2P loans. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to save money and/or invest. I would claim Mintos can give you a guaranteed 10% yearly earnings for your money, which is something most platforms and investment methods cannot guarantee.

    With the two-year experience with Mintos, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for good investment or a target for future savings.

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