Our reviews of P2P investment sites

We have reviewed some of the most popular platforms in the UK and Europe, as well as some less well known platforms that are worth considering. We are in the process of completing reviews of all the platforms listed in our comparison tables on our site. Keep checking in with us – we want to help you find the perfect next investment to add to your portfolio. 

P2P Investment Site


Our 2 second summary....


Mintos is the best P2P investment platform in Europe. Wide selection of lenders, great website and good customer service


EstateGuru is a European platform. It offers loans secured by real estate and it is growing quickly. High interest rates


Somo (previously known as Bridgecrowd) is not well known but offers excellent returns. It offers short term loans secured by UK real estate. For investors with larger amounts to invest

Kuflink logo

An excellent site that offers secured loans, with additional loss protection from Kuflink. Excellent customer service


Moncera is a new site that offers loans from Placet Group. Placet Group has been one of our higher rated loan originators for some time. A good combination of high rates and credit quality


Robocash offers loans from a successful and profitable lending group. Interest rates are usually high


Blend Network is a small British site that offers real estate secured loans with high interest rates. 


HeavyFinance is an interesting site that offers loans secured on heavy machinery such as tractors and other farm equipment.  Strong returns and an interesting asset class.


ReInvest24 is best known for offering crowdfunded real estate investments in the Baltics. It offers P2P development loans now too.


Twino is one of the larger European platforms. It offers unsecured loans from 6 countries. Twino’s lenders have had a rocky financial history but have been doing much better in the last year.


Lendermarket was a very good P2P site for several years but we have several doubts about it now, as explained in our updated review.


Unfortunately we have had to temporarily suspend our rating of Peerberry as its 2 largest loan originators will be significantly impacted by the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and the potential impact on Peerberry investors is too uncertain. 

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