Loan originator / lender ratings

We currently provide ratings for the loan originators / lenders appearing on 3 multi-lender P2P sites – Mintos, Viventor and Peerberry. If you would like us to provide ratings for any other sites, please let us know.

Following feedback from our readers, we have built this page to help you find the links to each of our rating pages more easily.

Mintos is the biggest P2P site in Europe. It has over 70 loan originators appearing on its site. The quality of the loan originators and the amount of information they provide can vary a lot.  If you plan to become a Mintos investor, click on the Mintos logo, which will allow you to earn a 0.5% welcome bonus on funds invested within 60 days (full details available on the Mintos site).

We have been fans of Peerberry since it first launched. It has now developed and grown to become one of the most popular P2P sites in Europe. It now has more than 20 lenders on its site. However the financial information provided on the Peerberry website about each one is not very good, and there are group guarantee arrangements that are not explained very well. Our Peerberry ratings page provides information about the lenders, and guarantee structures that is not available anywhere else. 

Viventor is another popular European P2P site that offers loans from around 20 different loan originators. On our Viventor ratings page you will find financial information that is not available anywhere else for many of the lenders.  Rates tend to be high – usually 12%+, but the quality of lenders varies a lot.

Country risk ratings

Investors are now able to buy P2P loans from countries from around the globe. Our new country risk ratings page provides you with data and analysis on how risky it is to invest in each country. What’s riskier, Latvia or Lithuania? Moldova or Mozambique? Our country risk ratings page can help you assess this.