Many of the best British and European peer to peer platforms offer sign up bonuses and cashback offers. Below is a list of some of the best sign up offers currently available. We will regularly update this page so make sure to check it regularly.

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Peerberry up to 2% bonus

Peerberry has grown significantly over the last few years to become the 2nd biggest P2P site in Continental Europe. We have long been fans of it due to its ease of use, good interest rates and strong loan originators. You can read our review here. Peerberry has just launched a bonus offer that equates to 2% for smaller investments, and scales to 1% for larger investments. Full details are on its site. Available until December 31 2020.


Lendermarket 1% bonus

Lendermarket is a new P2P investing site that has been setup by Creditstar Group. Creditstar has been one of our highest rated lenders on Mintos for a long time. They are large and have been consistently profitable, with good quality reporting. While they continue to offer some loans on Mintos, they are now looking to sell loans directly to investors. Lendermarket has adjusted to the new market conditions by increasing the rates it pays to investors from 12% to 14%. It offers new investors a 1% bonus for all investments made within 60 days of opening an account. To take advantage of this offer, visit Lendermarket using this link and you will automatically qualify. This is currently the most popular offer we publish.

Robocash 1% bonus

Robocash is a successful lending company that operates internationally. Investors have had a good experience throughout the COVID crisis. Robocash generated strong profits in 2019 and says it was still profitable in the first 4 months of 2020. Loans are available from Singapore, Vietnam, Spain and Kazakhstan. All loans have buyback guarantees and interest rates are around 14%. Unfortunately the maximum investment level is capped at €10,000 per investor. Investors can earn a bonus of 1% on the funds they have invested 30 days after opening their account. To take advantage of this offer, open a Robocash account using this link and you will automatically qualify.

EstateGuru 0.5% bonus 

Estateguru is one of the best European P2P sites. It offers investors loans secured by real estate in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. LTVs are lower than for similar loans in Western Europe and interest rates are attractive – typically 9-12%. The quality of information provided about each loan is extremely good, and lending performance has been strong to date. We have given EstateGuru a 5 star rating. To take advantage of this bonus offer, visit EstateGuru using this link and you will automatically qualify. This is currently one of the most popular offers on our site.  


Bridgecrowd £100 bonus (exclusive)

Bridgecrowd is one of our highest rated British platform. It is targeted at investors with larger sums to invest. Investors can purchase loans that are secured by 1st and 2nd lien charges against British real estate (mainly residential). Bridgecrowd offers returns of between 8-12% per annum, which we think offers a very attractive return relative to risk. Bridgecrowd has also received one of our highest site ratings (4.5 stars) and is an extremely popular site currently. Full details can be found here. Investments must be made within 45 days of opening a Bridgecrowd account to qualify for this offer. This offer is not available direct from Bridgecrowd, and is exclusive to Explore P2P. 


Kuflink 2.5% to 4.0% bonus

Kuflink offers investors loans secured against British real estate. Returns are currently between 5 – 7.2%. Kuflink has a very good lending track record so far, with no losses for investors. That’s because LTV’s are conservative at 50-70%, and Kuflink also has a co-investment in each self-select loan that takes absorbs any losses first. Investors can earn a £2.5% bonus on their first 14 days of investments when they open an account using this link. The minimum investment to qualify for this offer is only £1000. The bonus increases in stages up to a maximum of 4% for investors investing greater than £5,000. Full details are available on the Kuflink site.


Loanpad £50 – £150 bonus

Loanpad offers a fairly unique proposition in the British P2P market. Investors can choose from a classic account offering instant access at 4%, or a 60 day notice account at 5%. We think its an interesting, well structured P2P product. Tax efficient ISAs are also available. We think that it is probably the lowest risk P2P product we have seen in Europe so far. You can read our interview with the CEO here. For a limited time, Loanpad are offering bonuses of up to £150. To qualify, use this link, and then insert promotion code WB519 when you open your account. Full details are available on the Loanpad site.


Assetz Capital £50 bonus

Assetz Capital has regularly featured in our list of top 10 P2P investment sites. Their lending track record is strong, and they offer a wide range of products, with typical returns between 5 to 8%. Assetz Capital have not offered bonuses to new customers as they have been growing so quickly, but for a limited time they are offering a £50 bonus for new investors who invest at least £1,000 for 12 months. We don’t expect this offer to last long. To take advantage, make sure that the referral offer code 2QLXS8  is quoted in the box when your open the account.


Funding Circle £50 Amazon card

Funding Circle is the largest P2P investment site, with operations in the UK and USA. It lends to small and medium sized businesses. Their investors expect to earn around 4-5% after defaults. However be aware that the risks associated with this type of lending have gone up recently due to COVID-19, and you should not expect to sell loans quickly in the secondary market. Funding Circle rarely run promotions, but it is currently offering new investors a £50 gift card valid at Investors must open a classic or ISA account and invest a minimum of £2,000 for 3 months to qualify. Click on the link for full details of the of the offer.


NEO Finance €25 bonus

NEO Finance is the P2P investment arm of the Lithuanian lender Paskolu Klubas. The platform has been operating since 2016 and holds authorisations from the Bank of Lithuania. We’ve been impressed by the responses provided by management to our questions, and the quality and transparency of their external reporting is well above average (see latest report here). NEO Finance offers traditional personal loans with typical rates of around 18% and terms of 48 months. The platform will buyback defaulted loans at their expected future recovery level which is between 50-80% of outstanding balance. NEO Finance guides investors to expect net returns of between 11 to 15% after defaults. They are offering a €25 bonus for new investors who open an account and invest a minimum of €150 using this link. This is a generous offer relative to the minimum investment required, and is a good opportunity to test out a new platform that offers strong potential returns. 


Ratesetter £100 bonus

Ratesetter is one of the largest P2P investing sites in Europe. Investors can choose from a short term ‘rolling’ product, or longer term products that offer higher interest rates. However be aware that time taken for investors to withdraw funds has increased since the COVID-19 disruption began. Ratesetter has also cut their interest levels by 50% for the rest of the year to cover a rise in expected bad debts, so we think there are probably better options available in British P2P right now. However this bonus for new investors is still a pretty strong offer for those looking to smaller amounts. Ratesetter is offering new investors an opportunity to earn up to 10% extra in their first year. They will pay investors a £100 bonus for all investors who invest a minimum of £1,000 for 12 months.  To earn the bonus, visit Ratesetter using this link, open an account, and £100 will be paid into your account automatically at the end of the 12 month period. Ratesetter currently only accepts UK residents as investors.


Currencyfair €30 bonus

We believe it is important to have a geographically diversified P2P portfolio. We think for example that most UK investors should allocate some capital to European platforms, and vice versa. Currencyfair can facilitate these FX conversions and money transfers extremely efficiently and with very tight spreads. Currencyfair is also useful for making vacation payments and any other payment outside your home banking system. Currencyfair are offering a €30 sign up bonus, and a fee free transaction for new customers converting at least €2,000 or equivalent. To take advantage of this offer, go to Currencyfair using the link provided and you will automatically qualify. 

Zlty melon 1% bonus

Zlty melon is one of the oldest European P2P investment sites, operating since 2012. They are based in Slovakia and investors can choose from personal loans (typically with interest rates in the mid-teens %) as well as some (2nd lien) mortgage loans. We recently interviewed Jos Henson from their management team. We think Zlty melon provides excellent quality data and has a good and improving lending track record. Zlty melon are offering a 1% bonus for all investments made within 180 days of opening an account, if the account is opened using this special link (cannot be combined with any other offers). 


October €20 bonus

October is one of the largest European platforms and their loans can provide good diversification to a portfolio. October focuses on SME loans in France, although it has recently expanded into Spain and Italy.  The site is now available in French, Italian and English languages. Interest rates are typically around 4 – 9% and there is strong demand for the loans. A €20 bonus is available when investing a minimum of €500 when using this link. That’s an extra return of up to 4% in the first year. To take advantage of this offer, visit October using the link provided and you will automatically qualify.


Bondora €5 bonus

Yes, we know, €5 is not a lot! But if you are considering opening a Bondora account, it’s better to receive it than not. Our experience has been good so far with Bondora, but because there is no buyback guarantee the range or returns for investors has varied. Most investors seem to earn between 5 to 15% return, but there is potential to do better, or worse than this. Bondora is one of the longest running P2P sites in Europe, operating since 2012. It’s possible to spend a lot of the time on the site, trying to optimise performance and risk but they also offer a simple ‘Go & Grow’ product for people who prefer more simple investment options.

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