Who are the best lenders on Peerberry? Our Peerberry lender ratings

Last updated 11 March 2022

Important update due to Ukraine / Russia situation

Peerberry has two main lending groups that operate on it – Aventus Group and GoFingo. Both companies now unfortunately face considerable challenges due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the sanctions that have been placed onto Russia.

The Aventus Group CEO, Andrejus Trofimovas has published an important statement about the situation here.  Peerberry has also been publishing other updates about the impact of the conflict on its blog.

Both lenders have lending companies operating in Ukraine, and Aventus Group also has lending operations in Russia. The conflict is creating multiple problems for the lending groups. In addition to safety risks for the employees, there is also clear financial damage caused too. This includes the inability to collect repayments from borrowers, significant (unhedged or underhedged) currency value declines, Russian bans on purchase of foreign currency, and various sanction measures imposed on Russia and its banking system.

Given the high degree of uncertainty about the impact of the conflict on each lending group we are forced to temporarily suspend ratings for the loan originators operating on Peerberry. We are also removing the financial summaries as they may no longer reflect the true current position of each lending group.

We hope that the lending groups, and the Peerberry platform itself will be able to survive the challenges ahead, and wish them well.


7 thoughts on “Who are the best lenders on Peerberry? Our Peerberry lender ratings

  1. Osmium Reply

    After Aventus now repaid all Russian loans it might be time to review the suspension.

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Hi Osmium – sorry for the long delay replying – yes agreed – will revisit Peerberry and update information to reflect this

  2. Daap Reply

    I think Peerberry have thing under control. They are paying off the war effected loans on a monthly basis. I think that in that area they perform better than Mintos.
    I recently added some funds to my Peerberry account.
    I would suggest to restart the ratings for Peerberry.

  3. jim Reply

    Oscar, are you investing in peerberry? If yes, could you take place among the 20 investors inside supervisory board?

  4. John Reply

    I don’t understand how PeerBerry offers dual guarantees: Group Guarantee and Buyback Guarantee, and now neither works. So these guarantees are useless, just to entice and fool investors. Now we have to wait, probably 24 months without receiving interest, when we should have the money in at least 60 days and with all the interest as we contracted.

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Guarantees are only as good as the strength of the company providing a guarantee… Aventus was a very profitable group but some of those profits came from Ukraine and Russia. At a time of war between these countries and also unprecedented sanctions for Russia its probably reasonable to expect this will create some potential problems for them.

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