Introducing our new Mintos Loan Scanner. Find the best Mintos loans quickly

Last updated: 6 October 2018

Selecting the best Mintos loans can be hard

Mintos currently offers loans from more than 40 lenders on its Primary Market. That’s a lot of choice, which is great, but it can also make it hard to create a portfolio that has the optimal balance of risk and return. The quality of the different lender on Mintos varies dramatically, which also makes loan selection even tougher. For over a year, we have been publishing our Mintos Lender Ratings, to help investors identify which lenders have the strongest credentials, and which are higher risk. This has been a very popular feature, and so today we are launching our new Mintos Loan Scanner. Our Loan Scanner builds on our lender ratings and adds information about current interest rates, and the supply of loans on the primary market, to help investors quickly see what is available across the primary market, and what the best opportunities may be. We plan to regularly update this page as interest rates, lender ratings and loan availability changes.

What are the best Euro loans available?

The chart below represents the loans available on the Mintos primary market as of October 6. The vertical axis shows the typical interest rate that can be found from each lender. The horizontal axis represents the current rating score for each lender. The size of each bubble represents the availability of loans (low/medium/high).  The most attractive loans are on the top right side of the chart, and the least attractive on the lower left side. Since our last update in August, it has been noticeable that average rates for many lenders have fallen by around 1.5%, and availability is generally lower too.

Loans that currently offer a good balance of return and strong lender score include Mogo, Credit Star, Credius,  ID Finance, and iute Credit. While most of these lenders are structured with buyback guarantees, individual loan characteristics also need to be considered. Some lenders, such as Hipocredit and FIREOF offer mortgages secured on housing, but at lower returns. Capitalia offers some of the highest interest rates available, but without buyback guarantees. The full list of Euro lenders currently operating on Mintos is shown below. 

Mintos Lender Our rating Interest rate Availability
Mogo 83 9.0% High
ID Finance 84 9.0% Low
Credit Star 74 10.0% Low
Capital Service 62 13.0% Low
iute credit 69 10.5% Low
Vizia / Banknote 71 10% High
Cream 60 10% Mid
IFN Extra Finance 60 12.0% Low
Mozipo Lithuania 47 N/A None currently
Aasa 71 9% High
Aforti 49 10% Mid
Capitalia 36 12% Mid
Lendo 39 11.1% Low
ITF Group 45 11.0% Low
Hipocredit 28 8.5% High
Debifo 34 10.5% Mid
Get bucks / My bucks 46 12.0% High
Cash Credit 35 9.5% Low
EuroOne 34 10.5% Low
Bino 19 10.8% Mid
Dindin 23 10.5% Low
Sebo 21 10.8% Mid
Watu credit 35 11.0% Low
Kredit24 48 10.0% Low 18 9.5% High
Agrocredit 47 7.0% Low
Acema 61 7.5% Low
ExpressCredit 32 13.0% Low 13 10.5% Mid
Alfakredyt 33 10.0% Low
Placet Group 71 N/A None currently 24 9.8 Mid
Metrokredit 13 10.5% Low
FIREOF 39 8.0% Mid 26 10% Low
Leaselink (Pragma) 65 9.75% Mid
BB Finance / EGE 62 9.5% Low
Kviku 45 10% Low
Credius 70 9.5% Mid
Pimpay 18 N/A None currently
Dinero 42 9.5% Mid
Invipay 37 N/A None currently
EBV Finance 63 8% High
Credissimo 85 N/A None currently
Rapicredit 35 N/A None currently

What loans are available in other currencies?

Mintos non-Euro loans primary market

Most loans on the primary market are available in Euros, however there is growing supply of loans in other currencies. We think these loans will be purchased by investors already holding cash in these currencies, but the higher returns generally available may attract some European investors to purchase these loans. Current availability of all the non-Euro lenders shown above is relatively limited. Lime Loans, and 1pm plc have both achieved relatively high lender ratings and also offer high rates. 

7 thoughts on “Introducing our new Mintos Loan Scanner. Find the best Mintos loans quickly

  1. Matteo Reply

    Great work, thank you!
    How do you calculate the lender rating?
    Is there a rating threshold that you suggest don’t go lower?
    Do you know which lender is actually profitable?

    Thank you very much!

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Hi Matteo. Thanks for the feedback. If you check out our Mintos lender ratings page, you can see all the financial information of each lender and how we scored each lender. The minimum score really depends on your risk appetite, but we think staying above a 50 score could help to significantly reduce investment risks.

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Hi Stan. We’ve updated our tables for BB Finance Group today, with an initial score of 62. We think they have some good metrics however it is hard to find their loans (some can be found if you set up an auto-invest to buy their loans).

  2. Freeze_XJ Reply

    It really looks like the rates are fluctuating wildly. Several lenders are back up to 12%, some of which are high volume (Varks), thus forcing others to also offer more, or miss out on backing. I’m wondering if this is just lenders testing supply/demand, or whether something actually changed on the market, like banks charging higher rates as well.

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