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2 star rating

What we like

What we don't like

Key facts

  • Interest rates are good - typically 8 to 12%
  • Most loans receive a buyback guarantee or payment guarantee
  • The website performs well and is user friendly
  • Investors can invest in either Euros or British pounds
  • Loans from 6 countries are available
  • Twino is one of the larger platforms operating in Europe
  • Website is available in English and German
  • The account offered is simple and it does not require much time to keep funds invested
  • Twino is not transparent about the overall financial condition or structure of the Twino group
  • A high percentage of loans default. Investors are reliant on Twino being able to honour the buyback and payment guarantees
  • Very little information is provided about the borrowers
  • The quality of data about default rates and recoveries is inadequate
  • Interest rates offered have been falling
  • It can be difficult to successfully purchase loans using the auto-invest feature
  • Twino charges their borrowers interest rates of around 150% p.a
  • Some of the loans are in countries with high risk profiles, such as Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Loan types - unsecured personal loans
  • Collaterals - None
  • Protection fund? - No, but Twino offers payment guarantees and buyback guarantees
  • Autobid available? - Yes
  • Secondary market? - Yes, although investors cannot set the price
  • Is platform profitable? - No profit or loss figures for 2016 have been provided

Our views on Twino

We recently published a post here outlining several concerns that we have about Twino. They have the potential to become a very good platform. It has a good marketing team and it generally receives positive media coverage. However, we can not recommend the platform currently. We think Twino needs to improve its transparency and the quality of information it provides to investors. The quality of data provided about loan performance is poor and significantly less than competitors. The financial disclosures are out of date and inadequate. The reason why it is important to understand the situation is that most investors on the platform end up becoming creditors of Twino. This is because a high percentage of loans default. The payments on the defaulted loans are then repaid by Twino over a period up to 2 years. This means that investors rely on Twino being able to make these payments. Investors are also unable to sell any of the loans that have defaulted whose payments have been guaranteed. We are monitoring the situation, and if steps are taken to address the various concerns we have, we will update our rating. 

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2 thoughts on “Twino

  1. claude karam Reply

    among the key fact about Twino you say:
    Secondary market? – Yes, although investors cannot set the price.

    in fact, the investor does not have the option to select Primary or Secondary because all the loans are thrown into one pot, where the Auto invest portfolios work, and the manual investors. this is why if you refresh the available loans page small loans appears of a few euros sometime because someone just sold his investment, and they disappear within seconds because of the active auto invest portfolios. You cannot know about new loans on the platform, and it seems that the same loans are changing hands between old and new investors

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