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Over the last two years we have not had a positive view of Twino. Why? Their financial results were alarmingly poor. Their auditors expressed doubts about their ability to continue as a going concern. However, following a huge restructuring, and the closure of unsuccessful locations, Twino reported much better financial results for 2018. Profits went from a €13m loss, to a €4m profit. The balance sheet position also improved. Hopefully this improving trend can be continued. 

For the first time in two years, we now think that Twino is a viable proposition for an investor looking to allocate a small part of their P2P portfolio to a second or third site.

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2 thoughts on “Twino

  1. claude karam Reply

    among the key fact about Twino you say:
    Secondary market? – Yes, although investors cannot set the price.

    in fact, the investor does not have the option to select Primary or Secondary because all the loans are thrown into one pot, where the Auto invest portfolios work, and the manual investors. this is why if you refresh the available loans page small loans appears of a few euros sometime because someone just sold his investment, and they disappear within seconds because of the active auto invest portfolios. You cannot know about new loans on the platform, and it seems that the same loans are changing hands between old and new investors

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