Who are the best lenders on Viventor? Our Viventor lender ratings

Latest update: 13 August 2021

Viventor is now closing down

Viventor has announced that it is no longer accepting any new investments. It needed to obtain a brokerage licence to keep accepting new investments and it has decided against doing this. As a result it plans to wind down the site and return cash to investors. For full details please refer to the website of Viventor. 

Viventor has an interesting selection of lenders, most of which do not appear on any other P2P sites. Several lenders offer secured loans  that are backed by invoices, real estate and cars. There are also several short term unsecured lenders who provide buyback guarantees. Viventor is owned by Finstar Financial Group, which is a $2bn private equity fund that is focused on Fintech investments. 

That means we will not be updating this page in the future

The purpose of this page was to help Viventor investors select the best loans. As the site no longer allows investors to select new loans, we will not be updating this page in the future, and may not contain up to date information. However, we have decided for a period to continue to make it available on our site as a reference for any Viventor investors.

Viventor lenders - key financial information

Viventor LenderStatusReporting periodLoansEquityP&L - latestP&L - prior yearP&L - 2 years agoAudited
Credissimo / Maxo.BGActiveDec 201921.516.12.53.2
LennoActiveDec 20188.
StikcreditActiveDec 20206.
Kreditu CentrasActiveDec 20192.
IbancarActiveSep 20201.30.5-0.100X
Moment CreditActiveDec 20197.
KvikuActiveJun 202014.
CBCDefaultDec 20194.2-0.8-1.5-2.10.1X
Twinero / PrestoDefaultDec 20182.2-
MyCreditSuspendedDec 20190.6-0.3-0.3X
Atlantis FinanciersSuspendedDec 201910.
Forza.ba & Kreddy.baActiveDec 20191.80.90.5-0.3-0.5
Forza.mk & Kreddy.mkActiveDec 20192.1-0.9-0.1-0.4-0.7
MonifyDefaultDec 20193.30.1-0.5-0.5-0.3X
PrasiskolinauActiveDec 20190.
Forza.mdActiveSep 20192.
SeymoureActiveSep 20192.7-0.2-0.1-0.1X

Viventor lenders - our rating scores

Several lenders are related to Viventor

Forza, Kreddy and MyCredit are all owned by a mysterious company called ‘Digital Finance International’. According to media reports it is owned by Finstar Financial Group (owner of Viventor until June 2020). However although it operates a slick looking website it provides very little information other than it operates in 14 countries in European and Asia and has assets over €70 million.  However, further research has confirmed it is based in Moscow, Russia. The Digital Finance lenders all seem to be sub-scale and struggling to become viable. 

In June 2020 Viventor was sold to the owners of one of its loan originators. Viventor was purchased by Lotus 597 BV, part of the Gielen Group, which is the holding company that owns the Viventor loan originator Atlantis Financiers of the Netherlands. The new owners have plans to grow Viventor which we view as positive, as it feels like a site that needs extra resources and more volume.

Our thoughts on the loan originators

The quality of lenders on Viventor varies significantly. Many are relatively small and newly established. Although there is quite a large selection, there are not as many loan originators with strong rating scores as we would like to see. 

Several loan originators have run into difficulties as a consequence of COVID-19. We provide further details below. 

The primary market often has many loans available from Atlantis, Seymoure & Hines, and Lenno, which are mainly secured loans. Many loans available on Viventor currently have low LTVs (often 35% or so) yet they also come with buyback guarantees from the lenders. This is not common but makes them attractive to investors as it reduces risk of a loss following a default. 

The latest lender to join is called Prasiskolinau. It is an extremely small Lithuanian lender. Positives are that it has been operating for many years and that it makes consistent but small profits. The main negative is the very small size of the operation. Many P2P investors will have larger P2P portfolios than the entire loan portfolio of Prasiskolinau.

Latest rating changes and situation updates

Atlantis Financiers

In late November Viventor announced that Atlantis Financiers was experiencing difficulties. The explanation provided was confusing, but it seems that Atlantis is experiencing liquidity difficulties caused by lower repayments from its borrowers, and a reduction of funding received from Viventor investors. It seems that as part of a restructuring, existing loans will be extended by 12 months. Investors will receive full payment of principal and interest. We will attempt to learn more about the situation from Viventor management.


In early September Viventor suspended Monify due to 'changes in core management' and outstanding payments. It doesn't sound like a good situation. The company has a history of losses and we would not be surprised if the company is wound down.


In August Viventor announced that it had launched legal action against Polish lender CBC. This action was taken due to non payment of funds due and a lack of communication from the management team. We get the feeling that Viventor are a lot more proactive than other sites (we are looking at you Mintos) in launching litigation which is a good thing. CBC has always been one of our lowest rated Viventor lenders so we hope most of you were able to avoid the situation.

Twinero / Presto

Twinero is another lending company that ran into issues as a result of Covid. Unlike CBC, it seems that the management team are working on a solution with Viventor. It's not clear what the likely outcome is going to be - the company is seeking new funding, but Viventor has said that it may even take over the companies, or take possession of the loans so that they can service (or sell) the loans.


MyCredit is a very small lender based in Kazakhstan. It was suspended in August by Viventor due to high levels of 'funds in transit'. The company appears to have been co-operating with Viventor and a payment plan has been agreed, with all funds to be paid by January 2021.


Lenno has not provided any financial information since 2018. We don't think this is reasonable for a company looking to borrow funds from P2P investors. We have cut their disclosure quality score to 0, reducing their total score from 65 to 51.

Sofia Pawn

Unfortunately Sofia Pawn / Sofcom appears to have left Viventor. A pity because it was one of the better loan originators available on Viventor.


Aforti is a Polish lender that was removed from Viventor after defaulting on its payments to investors in 2019. Its loans were also listed on Mintos, where it also defaulted. Viventor has been much more pro-active in dealing with the situation than Mintos. While Mintos attempted a lengthy (ultimately failed) negotiation, Viventor launched legal proceedings. It recently announced that it has been recovering funds that were obtained as a result of its legal actions. It has generated a 40% recovery of amounts owed so far, with more expected to come.

To visit Viventor, and learn more, click here.

74 thoughts on “Who are the best lenders on Viventor? Our Viventor lender ratings

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  2. Heliodoro Reply

    Every day funds in transit increases; no available money appears. That is for me very clear: nobody pays. What to do? What will we do?

  3. Hugh Reply

    Would it be a fair guess that what has happened here is that one of the LOs has loaded Viventor with loans, extracted as much as they can from lenders, then bought Viventor for considerably less than the value of the loans, thus ensuring that Viventor will take no action on behalf of lenders against it’s own owners?

  4. Mathias Reply

    ” We will attempt to learn more about the situation from Viventor management.” New information since 12.12.2020 ?

  5. Luigi Derossi Reply

    Don’t you think your judgement on Kreddy Mk – Forza MK is too hard? Its finacial statement is audited, it offers good rates, repays loans regularly and overall, even if it is in loss, (but this is normal for a new company) losses are quickly reducing since 3 years.
    The equiti is negative but, I repeat, it is normal for a star up. It seems almost all good. Your judgement seems too hard compared to other companies that not even have an audited balance.

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Hi Luigi. Yes it is common for a startup to have losses and negative equity. But those companies don’t usually borrow money from the public…. We change our ratings regularly, so if they continue to improve their results and reporting and become lower risk then that will be reflected in their future scores. For now we think the score is appropriate.

  6. Luigi Derossi Reply

    Good morning, can you find any news about Atlantis Financiers? It is the owner and biggest Loan Originator of Viventor, but it mantains the highest rating even if it is not repaing anything since 2 months. There are difficulties for panedmic but it is repaying nothing at all and not only delaying or repaying partially, as other LOs instead are doing.
    It seems there is something other. But what?

    • Oscar Harrington Post authorReply

      Have you seen the email from Viventor about the situation Luigi? We actually feel that it was not explained very well, and will see if we can learn more.

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