There’s a big P2P conference coming up in Riga

Conferences are normally boring and very expensive

Many industry conferences can be boring and cost thousands of Euros/Pounds/Dollars to attend. However there is a conference coming up in Riga next month that we don’t think is any of these. Dozens of CEOs of P2P sites across Europe will be attending and they will be available to talk to their investors, or potential investors.

It also involves beaches, burgers, cocktail parties and the experience of being in one of Europe’s coolest cities – Riga, Latvia. Combine that with very inexpensive tickets and accomodation and we thought it was definitely worth letting our readers know about.

Who's going to be there?

Speakers include several important players in the P2P space that we have interviewed on Explore P2P in the past including the CEOs of Mintos, Bulkestate, Estateguru, Reinvest24 and Savy, as well as many others. 12 companies will give presentations, and there will be various other keynote presentations and roundtable discussions.

If you are a P2P investor, and would like to personally meet the management teams of many different lenders, meet other investors, and find out what’s happening in P2P,  this will be the place to go this year. 

Riga conference venue
Riga conference afterparty venue

Details and discount offer

The conference takes place on June 7 (the serious day) and June 8 (the party/fun/networking day). There is also an after-party taking place on the night of June 7th. Tickets can be purchased for just one day (€149) or both days (€249). 


We have secured a discount of 20% off tickets for all our readers. To get this, just use the promo code EXPLOREP2P at checkout.

For full details, and to purchase tickets, simply go to the conference website here.

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