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Key facts

  • The returns are some of the most attractive available anywhere currently relative to risk. Interest rates are typically 8-12% pa
  • Independent valuation reports are provided for each collateral, as well as information about the borrower and the purpose of the loan
  • Management are responsive and provide good service
  • Excellent lending track record
  • Accounts of different family members can be managed with a single log-in
  • Large sums can be invested
  • LTVs are conservative - typically 60-70%
  • The number of loans offered on the platform has been growing over the last few months
  • Minimum investment of £5,000 per loan makes this more suitable for investors with larger sums to invest
  • The demand for loans is high. Investors need to act fast to purchase loans
  • The website is very simple and more features could be added
  • Loan types - UK secured bridge loans. 1st and 2nd lien loans
  • Collaterals - UK real estate (mainly residential)
  • Protection fund? - No
  • Autobid available? - Yes
  • Secondary market? - Yes
  • Is platform profitable? - Breakeven (March 16)

How does it work?

Bridgecrowd is quite a simple platform to use. The site provides all the key information you would expect such as an independent valuation of the collateral, some information about the borrower, how the loan is structured, and some commentary from Bridgecrowd. Investors can self-select loans or set up an auto-invest. We would not recommend using auto-invest for Bridgecrowd loans as we think each loan should be reviewed before purchasing. Loans are usually listed weekly on a Friday afternoon and investors are informed via email. The demand for loans is high and purchase orders need to be placed quickly after they are listed.

There are two elements that make Bridgecrowd different from others. Firstly, it allows a ‘lead’ investor to open and operate sub-accounts in the names of other family members. Secondly, when a loan is listed, Bridgecrowd receives purchase orders, and then manually decides how to allocate the loan to different investors. While this can lead to up to 24 hours delay in receiving confirmation of the investment, it is designed to ensure that as many investors as possible have an opportunity to invest in each loan. 

Our views on Bridgecrowd

Bridgecrowd is an excellent platform. The returns available compare very favourably against other platforms – often 3-6% pa higher returns for loans with the same risk profile. Its £5,000 minimum investment in each loan makes it an option for investors with larger sums to invest. We love the way that the site allows investors to set up multiple sub-accounts in the names of different family members. This can be very efficient when a family member needs to assist in the allocation of investments for their spouses / other family members due to tax planning or other reasons. It is not the largest or most sophisticated platform operating currently. What Bridgecrowd lacks in frills, it more than makes up for in providing detailed documentation, sensible loan structuring, and strong returns. No Bridgecrowd investor has had a loss on any loan sold on the platform. We have noticed a significant increase in loans listed on Bridgecrowd recently. Bridecrowd plans to continue this growth and they are currently our highest rated British P2P platform.

Exclusive cashback offer


We invest with Bridgecrowd because they offer some of the best P2P investment returns versus risk available anywhere currently. If you are interested in testing them out, we can also provide you with an exclusive £100 cashback bonus. For more details on this offer,  click here.  It’s the largest bonus available on our site currently, from one of the best platforms on our site. This offer is not available directly from Bridgecrowd, and terms and conditions apply. It won’t change your life, but it might be worth the 10 seconds it takes to set up.

If Bridgecrowd is not right for you, or you want to compare them against other platforms, go to our platform comparison page, where we list over 50 platforms. If you would like to get even more sign-up bonuses and cashback, check out the latest offers here

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