Some lenders have their own P2P sites. How solid are they? Here’s our ratings

Last updated: 27 September 2021

We've added new sites to our ratings pages

Some loan originators have set up P2P funding sites to help fund their lending operations. Some of these P2P sites sit within lending groups (such as Twino, Kviku, and Robocash).  Others have set up sites through a partnership (such as between Moncera and Placet Group).

Below we present the key financial information for each loan originator, and our rating scores for each. Our methodology is the same as used in our Mintos, Peerberry and Viventor ratings pages. Some loan originators appear on Mintos already, and therefore our scores are the same as can be seen on our Mintos ratings pages.

Key financial information

Site Loan originator Reporting period Loans Equity Profit - latest Profit - prior year Profit - 2 years prior Audited?
Lendermarket Creditstar Jun 2021 161 36.2 7.4 6.6 5.8
Twino Twino Dec 2020 28.5 16.5 7.4 5.7 6.1
Viainvest Via SMS Group Jun 2020 19.2 4.6 1.2 0.4 2.8
Robocash Robocash Jun 2021 92.2 49.3 26.3 20.5 13.5
Moncera Placet Group Jun 2021 47.9 24.5 3.8 3.7 3.1
Kviku Kviku Group Jun 2021 15.1 5.8 5.9 1.2 0.8
Afranga Stikcredit Jun 2021 8.2 7.4 2.6 2.4 1.7

Loan originator rating scores

Our thoughts on the loan originators logo

Robocash has established a P2P site in Croatia to fund its global lending operations. The key lending operations of Robocash are in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain and the Philippines. Results over the last 3 years have been spectacularly strong. The company has grown quickly, been profitable, and maintained a strong balance sheet. We are impressed with what they have achieved so far. The results published by Robocash have been audited by KPMG and Grant Thornton. We discussed them recently with the Robocash CEO here. Robocash plans to IPO soon, and has recently raised $US 8 million of equity in a pre-IPO capital raise. That extra capital is good news for Robocash P2P investors as it provides extra strength and size to the Robocash balance sheet. Our score for Robocash is 82.

Placet Group has been operating for 15 years. It operates in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. The company has a strong track record, consistently making profits while running with a conservative funding structure. The company makes good use of technology, and the management team communicate well. Placet Group has established a partnership with P2P site Moncera, which mainly lists loans from Placet Group companies. Placet has been reducing the number of loans it lists on Mintos, and we would not be surprised if it stopped listing loans on Mintos during 2021. The company is currently our second highest rated loan originator in Europe, scoring 79

Creditstar logo

Creditstar is a fintech consumer finance business that operates in 8 countries. Key countries include Spain, Poland, Estonia and the UK. The company has a strong track record, making consistent profits for several years. During 2020 it has had to deal with COVID-19 laws introduced in some of its key markets, that required them to provide payment deferrals to many of its borrowers. As a result, investors in those loans faced a longer repayment period than expected. However it seems to have weathered to storm reasonably well, announcing preliminary profits of €6.6m for 2020 . It has recently issued €20 million of new bonds to investors, which will provide the company with funding stability and diversification. The shareholders of Creditstar established the P2P site Lendermarket to raise funds for Creditstar. Creditstar loans can also be found on Mintos, although the rates are usually higher on Lendermarket, which also offer bonuses to new investors and other regular promotions. Our score for Creditstar is 72

Afranga logo

Afranga is the brand new P2P site created by the Stikcredit group in Bulgaria. Stikcredit has stopped placing loans on the Mintos platform to focus on growing Afranga. The biggest downside about Stikcredit is that it is only a relatively small lending group. Positive factors are its conservative funding structure, and its history of operating profitably (including throughout the Covid-19 crisis). It has also made an effort to improve its financial reporting, with audited financial statements and investor presentations now available. The rates available on Afranga are currently very high - around 16%. All loans come with a buyback guarantee. It is not clear to us why the company has decided to pay such high interest rates to P2P investors. However the loans made by Stikcredit appear to have an average interest rate of around 100% so the company can still pay this and likely make a profit. Following the release of the audited 2020 profit of €2.4m, and continued strong results during 2021, our rating for Stikcredit has increased from 51 to 65.

Via SMS Group logo

Via SMS Group has been operating since 2009. It is based in Latvia and lends in 8 countries. It is another consumer finance lender that makes strong use of technology, and has performed well in recent years. It seems to have dealt with the challenge of COVID-19 well so far, recording a profit of €600k in the first half of 2020. Via SMS is not as big or as profitable as the loan originators above, but it still has a better financial profile than most loan originators offering loans for purchase via P2P sites. It lists its loans exclusively on its in-house P2P site, ViaInvest. Our score for the Via SMS Group is 63

Kviku logo

Kviku has been operating since 2013. It lends in 6 countries, and its key markets are Russia and Kazakhstan. The Kviku Group has performed very well since the outbreak of Covid-19. It has found ways to continue to grow while managing the risk of its loan portfolios effectively. The end result is of this has been very strong profitability - with a profit of €2.9m for the first half of 2021. That is very impressive for a relatively small lending group like Kviku. Kviku offers its loans on its in house P2P site Kviku Finance (where bonuses and higher rates are often available), as well as Mintos, Viventor, Iuvo and elsewhere. Our score for Kviku Group is 62

Twino logo

The Twino group has been running its own P2P site for many years. Their P2P site has now become one of the largest European P2P sites. Twino's key lending markets are Russia and Latvia. It closed down its Kazakhstan operation in 2020. It has always been very difficult to understand what has really been going on within the Twino group over the last 4 years. There have been years with massive losses, big profits, closures of subsidiaries, restructurings, management changes and a lot more. However the recently published 2020 annual report seems to show that Twino is returning to a more normal operating state now. It made a profit of €7.4m - a great outcome given the challenge for lenders caused by Covid. The company was impacted by FX movements, but the impact was not as severe as we had anticipated. Our new score for Twino is 58

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76 thoughts on “Some lenders have their own P2P sites. How solid are they? Here’s our ratings

  1. Andrea Reply

    Hi. Any thought about Lendermarket financial report with 400’000 EU loss, and Credistar still not publishing KPMG report promised un August?

    • Ole Reply

      I second that! Grant Thornton did the Audit, and the Equity is negative 200K € after the loss. What is your opinion?

      • Oscar Harrington Reply

        Lendermarket is an important funding channel for Creditstar. We are not too worried if the P2P platform itself makes a small loss / has negative equity as we would expect that to be covered by Creditstar if needed. What is more concerning is the delay to the release of the audited financials by Creditstar. It is disappointing that they are delayed as investors have been very keen to see these. We are keeping a close eye on this.

    • Oscar Harrington Reply

      Thanks Osmium – we’ve updated the page and comments. Seems to be much less turmoil at Twino now than in the past which is good.

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