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The platforms below are giving investors incentives to join their platforms. Full details are provided in our sign up bonuses page.  This can boost investment returns by up to 10% in the first year depending on the offer and amounts invested.

Platform Primary loan types Typical rates Country Sign up bonuses? We think....
Bridgecrowd Bridge loans 12% UK £100Highly rated. Read review
Funding Secure Asset backed 12-13% UK £25 Higher risk/reward
Landbay BTL mortgages 3-4% UK £50Read review
Lendy Development and bridge loans 7-12% UK £50Read review
Lendix Business Loans 4-10% France €20 Extremely popular European P2P site
EstateGuru Development, finance, bridge loans 11% Baltics +1%We are fans. Read review
Flender Business loans 10% Ireland +10%There is no other way to make 20% return in one year in P2P
Mintos All types of loans - mortgages, cars, unsecured 8-12% Europe wide +1%Our highest rated platform. Read review
Kuflink Bridge loans 4-7.5% UK +2.5%Read review
Ratesetter Personal loans with protection fund 3.3-6% Yes £100Read review

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